Here is a look at my Empowr profile

The Billion Dollar Scam

This website and blog post may act as awareness for people. Around the world, the corrupt mafias are the main targets. Their malpractices are getting exposed.

I made an account not very long ago. That on Empowr and then I forgot about it. You can see the increase in my Empowr income in the images below.

The worst case scenario is a global economic meltdown:

The system is failing, and the recession in the United States began in December 2007.

The system has not seen stability ever since. This can well be a marketing gimmick. I also believe that the Empowr website is a pathetic construct. It looks like a cheap ripoff of a popular social media website.

Having said that, the average citizen of any country may fall for a scam like Empowr. I am writing this post to confirm that it is a scam. I have not paid a single penny to Empowr and I want you to do the same. Please keep an eye on larger than life deals.

These deals are a scam. A scam is a dishonest scheme; a fraud. Here is a look at my account.


This is an alarming revelation. It tells us about the dishonesty that the people of this world are relying on.

Here is a look at my Empowr balance in Dollars:


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A piece of advice: Act in a responsible manner and stay away from these get rich soon schemes. They are a fraud. Also, read about Forgery and fake news.

The images are not Photo-shopped.

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